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Waldron Request Form  for Staff in PDF

Waldron Request Form in Word 

When Covid began in March of 2020, the Foundation received donations to help provide student and their families emergency funds.   

The COVID Community Response Fund of the Community of Foundation of Northcentral Wisconsin partnered with United Way of Marathon County to  awarded four grants for basic needs from housing, emergency needs, yellow bus that went to every school to distribute sundry, school supplies, books, restocking food pantries, masks, shields and more to families. Approximately $25,000 of grants were awarded to the Foundation and $10,000 to the Wausau School District. 

The Waldron Fund has had a diverse set of donors this past year including American Family - Jim Nick, families and alumni.    

It is anticipated there will be a need of an additional $10,000 need this school year.   

Established in December of 2006, in memory of John A Waldron, former WSD Director of Pupil Services and Special Education. John Waldron understood all too well the challenges that many families face.   He was aware of the many reasons students with special needs often did not do well in school, or why some students did not even make it to school.  The fund serves students in two ways. 

Address small EMERGENCY financial needs for students and families that may well bridge the gap between home and school. 

Assist with school-related opportunities to participate in educational activities outside the classroom that otherwise would not be possible. 

The Waldron Fund has helped students pay for important essentials, such as repairing prescription glasses, new shoes, supplies for a flooded basement, bus and taxi rides, fees for after-school activities, and even fees for college placement tests. Since the fund was established, the foundation has provided about $8,000 a year in vital student support. 


Donations may be sent to: Wausau School Foundation / Waldron Fund 415 Seymour St, Wausau WI  54403
Note on contribution: Waldron Fund.  


John Waldron

John Waldron was Pupil Service Director for the Wausau School District.

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