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Impactful Funds

Are you interested in creating a fund that impacts  Wausau Schools? 

Start by calling our office and sharing your vision on what a designated fund could help Wausau Schools.  Some current funds are the Waldron Fund, Friends of  Lincoln Elementary Schools,  and the Technology.  Over the past twenty years, many programs have been set up using a designated fund through the foundation. 

Creation of a Scholarship Endowment Fund is another designated fund. 

We also manage pass through accounts for In Their Shoes Program and Food for Help Turkey Drive.  

Ways you can give now:

·         Checks or Credit Card

·         Appreciated Stock - call for our account number

·         Real Estate or Property

·         IRA

Do you want to leave a legacy that will impact Wausau Schools to thrive for generations to come?

Easy Steps: 

Start by contacting us to discuss your charitable goals.  We will work with your financial advisor to customize your objectives to set up the fund in your direction. 

Decide on the type of Purpose or Your Fund.  As a non-profit organization, you may designate a gift to reach your board area of interest or establish a fund where the schools – foundation need is the greatest.

                Perhaps the Reach for the Stars Grants for Teachers

                Or the Waldron Fund for Emergency needs for students

Legacy Gifts

Consider leaving a bequest through a will.

General Bequests:  The Foundation receives a designated dollar amount

Percentage Bequest:  The Foundation receives a designated percentage

One lump sum can last decades.   With a gift of $10,000 or more, you can create an endowed scholarship. 

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