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Campaign School Forest

Environmental Learning Center and Forest Updates

Since 1942, The Old Classroom Lodge has greeted those traveling to the Wausau School Forest. The lodge, once a barrack in the 1930's Civilian Conservation Corps condition has deteriorated beyond restoration or repair, leaving the program without classroom space for over 13,000 students. While the School Forest possesses many critical resources – a rich history, extensive programming, and dedicated staff – it lacks the bricks-and motor infrastructure for trajectory growth. The need for an understanding of nature and stewardship of our planet is more urgent now than at any time in history. We know from experience that we value most the things that we understand and enjoy. And that is why we believe we must provide our children with hands-on experiences in the natural world.

While the use of the Wausau School Forest has more than doubled in the past 40 years, no additional classroom or indoor space for children has been created during that time. The current buildings at the School Forest does not adequately accommodate all participants indoors in the event of bitter cold or stormy weather. Please consider supporting the Wausau School Forest Capital Campaign to ensure a new Learning Lodge is built to effective, inclusive experiences that will shape our children for generations to come.

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