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Look who was "Caught in the Act"

WSD Staff members were CAUGHT IN THE ACT   

"What we do is we recognize teachers and staff of the district who go above and beyond in their job description. Sometimes it is in the classroom, the lunchroom, outside on the playground. Just recognizing these people for doing an amazing job at an already hard job," said Wausau School Foundation Board Member Amy Reif.

Meet the Winners 

Recipients get nominated by students, parents, and their peers. This year there were 70 nominees and 20 winners throughout the district.  We thank those who made a nomination, as all nominations certainly stepped up during this past COVID year.  The Foundation does not award individuals who won the past two years.   We received some outstanding repeat nominations.

The Foundation is a donation-funded non-profit that helps grants, staff recognition, and more.  The award goes to people working in the Wausau School District who do the same.  Visit our Facebook Page and Website to read more about this year's winners.



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