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Thank you to Waldron Donors

The Waldron Fund would like to thank the "COVID-19 Community Response Fund of the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin.   

This grant of $5,000 was the third grant from the COVID -19 Fund awarded in the last six months.  

All together, rants and private donors have raised over $43,000 this year for new initiatives.

Together the combined funds have helped with Emergency Housing,  Food Pantries, Face Masks and Shields for the schools, and most significant project was donating to the Sundry-Hygiene Bus that distributed needed such as shampoo, toothpaste, soap,  TP,  Paper towels, books, facial tissue, and more.  This summer the Wausau School District Social workers operated a school bus distributing supplies daily for students.  

Additionally, the Waldron Fund has assisted families with emergencies.  Unexpected homeless often need clothes, bedding, food and short term shelter.  Broken Glasses.  A bus ticket.  A headset.  A ride to a doctor's appointment.  Emergency medicine and more unique ways to help. 

In addition to these grants, we would like to thank longtime supporter Jim Nick with American Family Dreams Foundation,  who have donated to the Waldron Fund every year since it was established..  

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