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Renewable Energy Project Horace Mann MIddle School  $2500
Natalie Gajewski, 7th Grade Science
Students will be able to research renewable energy options to address the topic of energy conservation with the addition of  Google Chromebook technology. Unique to this Reach for the Stars grant is a App Database developed by the WSD middle school IMC directors.


Renewable Energy Project - Phase 2 Horace Mann Middle School $2959  
Students will be able to research renewable energy options to address the topic of energy conservation with the addition of  Google Chromebook technology. Critical to this grant work is an App Database developed by the WSD middle school IMC directors.

Literacy - NOOKS - And the Joy of Reading - Riverview Elementary School  $57
Headphone jacks expand use of the Nooks so pairs of students listen at one time. This 2012 Reach for the Stars grant is enhancing literacy in 2nd grade.

Active Bodies = Active Brains
Horace Mann Middle School Kinesthetic Books $400

Horace Mann Middle School  $5312
Ken Smith, HMMS Physical Education / Certified in Kinesthetic Learning

WSF Director, Kristine Vanden Heuvel and HMMS Administration congratulates Phy Ed teacher & certified Kinesthetic instructor, Ken Smith to advance classroom movement and active brain learning. The grant is working initially with ten other HMMS instructors. Sixth graders cheered as Mr. Smith is presented his Reach for the Stars grant. 

See VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLu-LXubz2s

See WDH Article: ttp://www.wausaudailyherald.com/story/news/education/2015/02/01/wausau-horace-mann-grant-elementary-students-exercise-learn/22691735/



Building Memory Books - School to Home Connections
Tera Mattke, South Mountain Kindergarten Teacher
Reach for the Stars - $150

Plus Partnership with E.O. Johnson  $500
E.O. Johnson continues support for 2015/16 School Year $500 

Communication, communication, communication!
Classroom scrapbooks used to strengthen family connections to school.
The "school grown" collages create a resource for kindergarten students to share, read and extend their learning at home.
 Students share "memory" pages with E O Johnson VP Keith Fierek in May 2015.




The Next SSTeP (Stepping Stones Transition Education Program) Wausau West / UWMC $2430
WSD Students with disabilities, ages 18-21, need tailored support to meet their post-secondary goals in vocational,
community-based school programs. SSTeP is a student centered, self directed program focused on the whole program.
This grant provides the Google Chromebook technology needed to fully integrate learning, research and community connections - maximizing their experiences.


Building Memories ... Legos & Robotics -  John Marshall Elementary $200
Sparking hands on science, technology, engineering, math and creativity for all 3rd Graders - as two more classes join 
Susan Schumann's 2013 Reach for the Stars grant.



  Active Bodies = Active Brains Elementary Phase
  Grant Elementary & G.D. Jones Elementary $2496.50


Research shows over 85% of children are kinesthetic learners - in other words, they are more successful when activity is integrated with classroom learning time. Grant Elementary third grade teacher, Christine Smith will be incorporating some special equipment through Reach for the Stars that will have students more "active" and learning. It's called Active Bodies = Active Brains. Her third graders are muscling up for this exciting opportunity.

Raising the Roof for Books Lincoln Elementary & Hawthorn Hills Elementary $825

 Six "Little Free Libraries" - enhancing access to books and reading in Hawthorn Hills and Lincoln  School neighborhoods were constructed by students during the WSD After School Program. 
 Brad Schmicker, Library Media Specialist together with
 UWMC Workshop & Wausau West Technology and Engineering teacher, Theran Peterson spearheaded the project - libraries will be installed during 
                                     summer 2015 at the two schools.

                                                                               Little Free Libraries 


"Fabricating the Future"  Wausau West HS Technology & Engineering Department

Students are excited about a successful Reach for the Stars Grant... West Principal, Jeb Steckbauer,
WSF Board Member Greg Stacker and Director Kristine Vanden Heuvel deliver news to teacher Theran Peterson. 
With enhanced 3D printing capacity student will experience transforming their creative ideas into reality. 
Thumbs up! Mr. Peterson and team members.


Using Technology to Take Charge of Our Future
Wausau School District PEER (Prepare, Educate, Empower, Rebuild) Program  $3496.84

During the 2013-2014 school year, the WSD created the PEER Program for students who are at risk of expulsion due to an incident that occurred in their school. The students are offered an alternate way to continue their education and Google Chromebook technology provides access to academic work and ability to stay connected with their traditional school environment and classes.



WSF & Facebook Delivers – Top 12 Ideas for Sparking Innovation
Twelve (12) $250 FACEBOOK Challenge Grants Awarded for American Education Week  $3000

The grant funds are part of a School Foundation program called Heritage Families - 3+ generations of families that attended the Wausau School District public schools.

Congratulations to the following WSF Face Book Challenge Grant recipients -

Cindy RichardtRiverview - Math-related read-alouds would allow stories to be incorporated into the teaching of mathematics as a source for generating problems and building problem-solving skills.

Therese West - New, educational books are sorely needed for the classroom at the MC Juvenile Secure Detention Center. Students love to read in the classroom as well as their cells.

April Marie KruegerJefferson Student Council - "Warming Hearts" for the Warming Center and a drive to raise funds for school and other service projects.

Korrin Traska -  Grant Elementary - Increase STEM opportunities using "Makey-Makey" and Maker's Space" to  expand on current projects in electricity and creativity.

Lori Williams  Wausau East Sudent Council – Purchase paints used to transform windows throughout East HS, creative, artistic, teamwork and developing positive behaviors and school climate.

‚ÄčPaula Hase -  Wausau East Library – Students as visual learners and multi-media producers in marketing, health and other content.  Upgrade camera capacity for quality productions.

Jeanne BehrensStettin - LEGO StoryStarter which is a unique LEGO set combined with curriculum and software used to teach students the elements of writing using LEGO bricks.

Kerry Euting -  2nd grade students from John Marshall have Grand-friends from Mount View Care Center. Monthly activities include fellowship, reading, playing games, crafts, and technology lessons. We're building community relationships!

Shirley BerkleyStettin 3rd grade boys request the funds for updating our classroom library with new books and magazines that spark their interest and passions. Let's support boy readers!

Brent ZinkelWausau East History -  Research material that will empower students to analyze a variety of historical perspectives and interpretations to formulate their own understanding of the past through student led seminars.

Trish Donlin – Stettin – Materials for MakerSpace, a movement that allows children to play, discover, and learn. Based on the idea that hands-on creation is the most lasting and significant form of learning. 

Amber Bender-Bronsteatter -  Franklin 5th Graders - help fund a once-in-a-lifetime field trip to attend the Lion King Broadway Musical in Milwaukee.

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©2019 Wausau School Foundation | All Rights Reserved
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