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Insert picture hereCommon $ense Technology: Repurposing, Re-imaging, and Spending Less to Get More - for Everyone
$3500 John Muir Middle School

Google Chromebooks were added to the Library Media Center. In addition to students searching databases and having increased access to resource materials available only digitally, ket to this work will be the parent/community outreach.
Personalizing Our World Phase 2
$1800 Wausau East/West High Schools

With access to digital resources and other educational opportunities, students have the ability to complete foreign language activities on-line in and out of class, to extend reading beyond the print resources by downloading a book, and much more.

Project Innovation
$1800 Marathon County Shelter Home

The SMART Interactive Whiteboard and Notebook provides an enhanced and media-rich environment,
enables instruction to reach students in more visual real world ways. S
tudents with special learning needs 
and challenging behavioral issues are more engaged with more abstract and complex ideas. 

"The SMART Board is just such an amazing tool and I am so fortunate to have one in this dynamic,
ever changing learning environment!" Lynn Talg, a MCSH teacher

Literacy - NOOKS - And the Joy of Reading
$6831 Riverview Elementary

Phase II of 2012 Reach for the Stars grant, expanded NOOK
 E-readers to two additional classrooms for a total of 2 second grade and 2 fifth grade classes. The goal is to increase literacy proficiency and create a joy of reading.
The question - will the e-readers make a significant difference?

Handy Dandy Tucker Tool Belts
$1270 A.C. Kiefer Education Center

By creating a common language for all 4K and Kindergarten students, teachers help students
with school rules, expectations, self regulating behavior, increasing social
literacy and more! The Pyramid Model mascot is affectionately known as Tucker Turtle.

Silver Sneakers Foster Fluency II
$282 Maine Elementary

Engaging and partnering students with the community was so successful last year, that support was
continued for this project. Increasing reading and fluency skills, as well as strengthening
interpersonal skills and relationships were all part of the fun and learning.

Will You Fill My Bucket?
$4185 A.C. Kiefer Education Center

620 "Will You Fill My Bucket" books are disbursed throughout every 4K family; these books are used as a
home-to-school connection for activities that teach positive parent-child relationships. Parent
involvement in schools correlates with student success and the necessity of the intentional teaching of
social skills.

Growing Green Communities - Planting a Seed
$2500 Thomas Jefferson Elementary

Fourth grade teacher, Renee Heinrich's farm to school project, has children planting, growning, cultivating,
and eating fresh vegetables. The addition of iPads will help children produce videos and track information.
Aside from vegetables, community partnerships involved in this work are bountiful and growing!

"Building" Memories...Again
$2500 John Marshall Elementary

With a stronger emphasis in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education across the District,
third grade teacher Susan Schumann uses robotics including Lego Mindstorms EV3 for hands on, creative
STEM learning opportunities.



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©2019 Wausau School Foundation | All Rights Reserved
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