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Insert picture hereA Digital Earthquake - Wausau East High School $2,029
Paula Hase, Librarian / Team members Jannel McCallum, Jess Truax & Christy Powell
A seismic wave of technology is hitting our schools.  With the increase in technology comes the need for headsets.  Through this grant, more headsets were purchased allowing students access to the new digital environment.

Work, Respect, Belong-Composing, Singing and Performing Our Songs - G.D. Jones Elementary School $2,765
Amy Stack, Parent Partnership Coordinator / Team members Sarah Nienhuis & Steve Wermund
An important element of a successful Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) system is to have a common language and vision that the whole school understands.  This grant sets school wide expectations and vision to music through an Artist in Residency program.  Students will write song lyrics, perform the songs and record a CD focused on core values of work, respect, and belong.

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"I Am Somebody" - John Muir Middle School $2,500
Sarah Murphy, 6th Grade Teacher
The "I Am Somebody" program has one main goal, to raise awareness of the growing epidemic of bullying and provide invaluable tools for all individuals involved.  The program will work with two organizations "Ryan's Story" and "Stand for Silent".  John Muir will be able to implement this program to make not only their school bully free but spread the message to other schools and the community.

Empowering Learners through Social Media:  Digital Cameras in Today's Classroom - Wausau East $2,448
Paula Hase, Librarian
At Wausau East, students use Photostory, PowerPoint, iMovie and other applications to generate projects that showcase their knowledge and work on their adaptability.  In each of these applications, students need to find the right pictures to match and communicate their mood and/or message.  This grant helps purchase several high quality, digital cameras so students can more easily produce their digital projects.

Keys to Success - Franklin Elementary School $550
Andy Grimm, School Counselor / Team members Jon Euting, Melissa Bolanda & Kevin Woosencraft
This program will use a multi-directional approach to help each student reach their highest behavior, social, personal and academic potential.  A resource library with many different social and behavior lessons, books, games and/or activities will offer multiple options and opportunities for teachers to re-teach school values and classroom expectations. 

Meeting the Needs of One Child at a Time - Stettin Elementary School $2,982
Trish Donlin, 1st Grade Teacher
Meeting the needs of each individual student is easier with 21st century technology.  With the purchase of iPads and educational apps, more children in the 1st grade classroom can have their individual learning needs met.  Students who are academically ahead can move across curriculum at an accelerated pace while other students can bridge the gap quicker all because their work is tailored to each them.

Nooks and E-Books...A Look to the Future - Riverview Elementary School $9,156
Laura Witt, 5th Grade Teacher and Carrie Adams, 2nd Grade Teacher / Team member Cathy Veldhuizen
By providing Nook Readers for student use, they will be exposed to a variety of texts and genre types not readily available in the classroom.  The students will have immediate access to many titles and levels which will accommodate and address all students' needs. Research shows that carefully designed applications of technology can be a motivational gateway to success for struggling readers and for readers who are reading at or above grade level.

Riverview's Rockin' Review - Student-Created Big News Reports & News Club - Riverview Elementary School $2,495
William Forbes, 5th Grade Teacher / Team members Casey Helke, Jim Bauman & Anne Merryfield
With the acquisition of five iPad 3 tablets, students will be able to publish/broadcast student related digital materials in the classrooms, school web page, newsletter and during all-school P.B.I.S. assemblies.  Students will create iMovies of classroom activities, reader's theater plays, book reviews, P.T.O. events and P.B.I.S. assemblies.  "News reports"  will be able to be created anywhere in the building.  This experiential learning is more meaningful and motivating, specifically to kinesthetic learners and the most active students.

Silver Sneakers Foster Fluency - Maine Elementary School $282
Amy Smet, LD Teacher / Team member April Sackman
By partnering with the Village Cooperative once a month, children will teach resident participants their poems and songs they have learned through the month during their fluency time.  The students will also perform their reader's theater plays to an audience.  The residents will then individually pair up and listen to a student read.  A short social time will be built in so students and residents have a chance to know each other.  It will be an enriching educational opportunity for students and the residents involved and give students motivation and encouragement to read, feel good about it and take pride in their abilities.

Taking it to the Next Phase the SMART Way - Riverview Elementary School $2,334
Betsy Villiard, 5th Grade Teacher / Team members Laura Cowen and Terese Schuster
This grant will allow the purchase of a Smart Board for a more creative and innovative way to deliver instruction toward the school yearbook.  Currently, 50 fifth grade students are on the yearbook committee. Right now, work is done in the school computer labs, which are not always conducive to meeting times due to scheduling conflicts.  The Smart Board technology will allow staff and yearbook volunteers to deliver instruction, model, discuss, practice and ultimately allow the students to take charge of their assigned tasks, all while working together in a large group setting.  The Smart Board will also be able to be used by the DARE Program and enhance regular curriculum in the classroom.

Interacting With Digital Natives (SMART Boards - Phase II, BA & Esther Greenheck Grant) - Wausau East & John Muir Middle School $43,148
Lauren Ebbeke, Teacher and Kristine Vanden Heuvel, Wausau School Foundation

SMART Board technology continues to be cutting edge technology and is effective in engaging and motivating students in the classroom.  Over two years, 16 boards in math and science areas will be upgraded.

Moving Social Work into the Future with iPads - $2,500
Kristen Brown, School Social Worker / Team members Jeff Lindell, MaryBeth Ament, Barb Berry, Jennifer Graf, Kathy Guthman and Shelly Smith Payant
School social workers can utilize iPad applications for multiple purposes that contribute positively to student learning.  The use of this technology has great potential to assist students and families with a variety  needs.  iPads can be used by social workers to help students with unique behavioral and emotional challenges in the classroom, as well as students identified with a special education impairment.  iPads are used to teach social skills, provide sensory breaks, facilitate student rewards for expected behavior, as well as track behavioral data.  The grant will help provide five iPads along with accessories.

Personalizing Our World - Wausau East, Wausau West & Maine Elementary - $2,500
Paula Hase, Librarian / Team members Susan Oberbeck, Polly LaMontagne, Brooke Schindler, Kelly Brandt and Jamie Woller
Through the use of digital cameras, students can create personalized messages for the student population.  Posters, bookmarks and mousepads can advertise databases, promote safe internet usage and other positive messages using our students as models. At the elementary level, students can use the cameras for fieldtrips to capture their learning and create videos to demonstrate their learning. 


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