2011 - Wausau School Foundation


Aiming for Success- Wausau West Physical Education $3,396
Janna Hillman, Physical Education Teacher / Team members Troy Fabry,
Curt Richardt, Dennis Wendt, Kevin Grundy, Mary Schultz, Matt Raduechel & Breana Wavrunek
Target archery equipment and curriculum added as part of freshman physical education at
Wausau West HS. Students who experience archery success, realize they can accomplish
many things with proper instruction, practice and a positive attitude.  

Think College Day- Horace Mann Middle School $2,000
Julie Bollmann, Parent Partnership Coordinator / Team members Kathy Drury,
Department of Public Instruction & Sheri Bagby, 7th Grade Team Counselor
This opportunity allows all 7th grade students to have a hands on experience to college
at the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County. In 2013, a combined grant from MCREA and WREA
was awarded to continue the college day experience at UWMC and UW-Stevens Point.

Hope for Girls - Wausau East High School/Ell Department $1.850
Mai Chang, ELL/Bilingual Aide
Targeting personal development of South East Asian/Hmong girls, lessons will address
their heritage and the positive components of being a Hmong woman.  

Archery in the Schools- Wausau Elementary Physical Education Department $2,500
Mike Graham, Physical Education Specialist / Team members Jon Betry, Chris Sullivan,
Steve Brown, Randy Luebbe, John Gunnerson, Matt Johnson & Ryan Whalen
All students, regardless of experience or physical ability, can achieve success through archery.   
Archery equipment sets purchased that meet National Archery in Schools Program Standards. 
Over 1,200 4th and 5th graders participate in the archery program at 13 elementary schools. 


Caring and Sharing - G.D. Jones Elementary School $1,990
Karen Clark, 2nd Grade Teacher / Team members Sarah Nienhuis,
Yeng Her & Karen Thurs
2nd Grade students perform "The Little Red Hen" - create the playbill, memorize, write,
experience public speaking and build self-awareness.The value of caring for others was
completed by the children earning a contribution to Children's Miracle Network.


SMART Board Project- Horace Mann Middle School $2,500
Beth Dimka, 6th Grade Teacher / Team member Kathy Brown Tyskiewicz
Interactive SMART Board technology is introduced to 6th grade at HMMS for delivery of math lessons -
student learning, engagement and interactive experiences. Summer Learning, after-school study zone
classes and clubs benefit from the new technology as well.

Music Video Editing Equipment - Horace Mann Middle School Music Department $1,500
Margaret Conrad, Teacher / Team members Kathy Brown Tyskiewicz, Ann Martin,
Dan Larson & Kristen Helke
In addition to fulfilling the need for accurate sound quality to enhance student learning, digital technology
offers endless new strategies for connecting music study to our current culture. Students can create
their own multi-media projects, increasing student participation with producing, creating and editing.

Technology Enhancement- Horace Mann Middle School $2,500
Kathy Brown Tyskiewicz, Administrative Technology Assistant
Partial funding for LCD projector project for presentations such as team-teaching, parent and
community presentations, concerts, staff meetings, performance events and open house to name a few. 

SMART Board - Hewitt -Texas Elementary School $2,500
Daniel Sullivan, Principal / Team members Janice Karlmann, Linda Davis,
Carolyn Martin & Kelly Brandt
Grant provided a SMART Board for a total of six at Hewitt-Texas - one in each classroom.
Purchasing the other boards were a collaborative effort between staff and the school community.

NOOK E-Books:  Touching the Future of Reading - Wausau East High School $2,495
Paula Hase, Librarian/ Team member Deb Lechner
This grant provided 8 e-reader NOOK Books and a selection of popular novels that are often on
hold lists at the public library. Nook provides free updates as well as being compatible with OverDrive,
the Marathon County Public Library’s digital download center. 

Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning - A.C. Kiefer Educational Center $2,500
Samantha Dettman, Teacher/ Team members Julie Zinda, Connie Zebro, Deb Albee,
Stephanie Pittman, Sandy Ellis & Principal, Julie Burmesch
Training for implementation of Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (SEFEL) -
beliefs and practices that promote children’s social and emotional development, prevent challenging
behaviors and enhance student learning. As more pre-K children are identified, intervention early
can potentially change the course of those requiring special education support.

Ear-resistable Reads-Wausau West High School, John Muir Middle School,
Wausau East High School, Horace Mann Middle School $8,800
Susan Olberbeck, Linda Morrissey, Paula Hase & Sue Engel - Library Media Specialists
Audiobooks meet students wherever they are and exposes them to the pleasure of reading - the school
library media centers added MP3 players and audiobooks of classical texts  as well as contemporary titles. 
With audiobooks and books available, students listen, follow the words and ultimately increase reading skills. 

Words On Photography - Maine Elementary School $869
Amy Smet - Learning Disability teacher
Through the use of student photography and creation of "BIG BOOKS", students improve their
writing skills. Participating in photography and travel outside the classroom - students became authors.

Family University Network (F.U.N.) - 21st Century Learning $2,500
Nancy Cedar, 21st Century CLC Coordinator / Tim Rogers VISTA Volunteer
By creating community partners, F.U.N. puts high quality education programs into practice to strengthen families as first source of learning. The Network hosts a series of workshops and conference-style events throughout the school year.

Engaging Students and Gaining Meaningful Data - John Muir Middle School $1,500
Trish Forbes, Annie Sims, Jeff Salzman and Rob Phelps 
The SMART Response system is an innovative, wireless handheld remotes that allow students to
respond to either single questions or entire quizzes. Students are motivated to participate and
teachers gain valuable insight into the most successful teaching strategies.

Inclusive Strategic Engagement Conference - Wausau School District $3,000
Wausau School District Joint Leadership Team
In an effort to propel students and District schools to a successful future,
the Wausau School Foundation supported in part the District's Education Summit
that generated the 8 Key Interests determined by Staff and community.

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©2019 Wausau School Foundation | All Rights Reserved
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