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Chess In The Classroom - Grade Stettin Elementary $1,250
Environmental Studies of Walley & Lake Sturgeon - New Horizons Charter School $1,150
Shannon Young and Cindy Greil, Charter teachers Charter middle school students will be going outdoors with personnel from the WI DNR to the Wolf River areas where Lake Sturgeon and Walleye spawn. A start in environmental
studies for students that will lead to future opportunities to learn about the environment.

Barcoding Bookroom - South Mountain Elementary $1,596
Julie Sprague, Principal, Sara Roquemore, Library Aide, Julie Hanson, Spec Ed Para & Marie Martens, Librarian
Updating an archaic system to be innovative and responsive will go a long way to maximize time for teachers in preparing and implementing effective lessons for their students. Project
will be completed during the Summer of 2010 in preparation for a new school year.

Interacting Together For Success - Riverview Elementary $2,500
Bill Forbes, 5th grade teacher and entire team of staff at Riverview
This grant supported the purchase of an interactive SMART Board in partnership with the
Riverview PTO for more engaging delivery of the academic and behavioral practices of
the School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program. Other school
disciplines may have access to the SMART Board such as music, art, etc.

School Age Mothers (SAM) - Wausau East High School (Initial grant $1,250)
Manee Vongphakdy, School Counselor, Jessica Van Der Geest, teacher, Shelley Wojan (Family Resource Center)
Support for students in grades 9 - 12 who are face with parenthood or are currently parents.
The programs offers opportunities to gain confidence, parenting skills and be physically healthy
and as a result their children will benefit with a stronger start in their lives.

Bringing Back The Language Lab - Wausau West / Foreign Language $2,500
Jerry Reinardy, Kellie Weber, Margaret Getzin, Kara Torkelson, Rebecca Zelent, Rachel Tordsen and Steve Wenninger
This grant is about students actually speaking a language as part of curricular delivery
that makes student-centered-learning more of the focus. Using a lab phase weekly for
instruction helps to reach each student and helps introduce them to authentic materials
for reading and listening that are rarely found even in modern textbooks.

Family University Network (F.U.N.) - WSD Families and Students $2,500
Nancy Cedar, Kristine Nadolski, Roxane Hagedorn & Mary Ellen Marnholtz - Longfellow Admin Center/21st Century
Parents and families can model life-long learning by actively participating in the learning
process at their child's school and through community events and activities. This grant
lends support to create activities that are engaging, educational and fun.

SMART Board for German - Horace Mann Middle School $2,500
Jannel McCallum, teacher

Interactive white board technology that greatly expands the capacity to use the wealth
of resources and information on the Internet, along with engaging students of all learning
styles. Technology for 21st century learning language.

Creating a Lifetime of Literacy in the 21st Century - Wausau East High School $1,400 
Paula Hase, Librarian
iPad technology brings students into the 21st century with a device that is literally revolutionizing
the magazine, television, and computing world. The "digital native" brings new challenges to
education and technology is part of the equation that will meet their learning needs.

Differentiated Math Resources - John Marshall Elementary $1,177
Susan Schumann and Kerry Euting, grade 3 teachers
Second year of grant support to develop resources that address the various levels and styles
how students learn math. The results were so successful the first year that expansion of
this creative approach to math instruction will expand to the fourth grade.

SMART Board - Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy $3,626
Joe Svitak, Principal and Tim Fetting, Lead Instructor
Support for interactive white board technology.

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©2019 Wausau School Foundation | All Rights Reserved
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