2009 - Wausau School Foundation


Chess in the Classroom (First Move Chess Curriculum) $2,500
Shirley Birkley & Sandy Flanagan - Stettin Elementary
2nd & 3rd grades at Stettin begin to master chess moves and strategies -
   It is so much more than a game.

Bringing Biology to Life! $2,500
Kelley Derrick - Wausau West High School
Grant provides Senteo System to enhance SMART Board technology

Graphics Tablets to Explore Art Concepts - $1,960
Daniel Merkel - Horace Mann Middle School
As part of a Visual Technology Communication Lab, 28 Graphic tablets have students
working with a design stylus to more accurately create their works of art.

Techno Teaching Two - $2,335
Brad Schmicker - Rib Mountain Elementary School

Targeted staff training for SMART Board technology that will directly benefit students.

Classroom Cuisine $1,025
Diane Trulen - Maine Elementary School
5th grade Social Studies integrates cultural studies and cooking - Bon Apetit!

Differentiated Resources for Math Workshops $1,972

Susan Schumann & Kerry Euting - John Marshall Elementary School
Math instruction through small guided groups and targeting key areas of need.

Collaborative group of educators bringing to middle school students real life history.

School Age Mothers (SAM) - $1,250 (2nd year)
Manee Vongphakdy - Wausau East High School
Addressing the unique needs of our school-age parents.

SMART Board - for East Library
Paula Hase - Wausau East High School (B.A. & Esther Greenheck SMART Board Grant)
       Grant application approved but awarded outside Reach For The Stars funds




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©2019 Wausau School Foundation | All Rights Reserved
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