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Shaken Baby Simulators
John Muir & Horace Mann Middle Schools

Family and Consumer Science 8th grade classes will have "realistic" hands-on experiences with the use of infant simulators that will demonstrate the effects of shaken baby syndrome.  Curriculum now mandated by state statutes for middle and and high school education addresses the need to educate young people on this tragic event that is the most common cause of death in abused children and accounts for more than 50% of non-accidental injuries in children.

Project Ring Me Up
G.D. Jones Elementary School
Summer 2008 reading program designed to encourage G.D. Jones students, family members and the Wausau community to get involved in student literacy to maintain or increase reading levels during the summer months.  Reading readiness of participants will be evaluated in the Fall.

Making It Click
Wausau West High School

Algebra II Extended classroom students will be using the Senteo Response System which allows teachers to create questions that students answer by remote control-like "clickers" - creating instant feedback and evaluation by individual students and as a group.
Wausau Daily Herald Article (November 4, 2008)

A Trip To Grandma’s
South Mountain Elementary School
Wausau School District 4 y/o Kindergarten students from South Mountain and Rib Mountain Elementary Schools will travel to Applegate Terrace Assisted Living apartments throughout the year to interact with the residents during activities - increasing communication skills, socialization, improve fine motor skills and bridging generations.

$2500 / 2 year
School Age Mothers (SAM) Program
Wausau East High School
Addresses the educational needs of students in grades 9-12 who are currently pregnant or are parents and attending school at Wausau East.  A physical education class and support group will be part of this program.  Educating and supporting the teen parents through potential crisis will benefit all involved.

Interactive Lessons for the Learners of Today
Wausau West High School
The use of a SMART Board in Exposition class will allow teachers to visually identify and model good writing techniques and demonstrate the writing process to enhance student learning. 

Techno Teaching
Rib Mountain Elementary School
This grant will support the training of staff, parents and community members on the multiple uses of a SMART Board.   Students will have access to using the SMART Board on a per teacher request at a central site in the school.  Technology for the needs of today's students.

Nonfiction Matters: Using Picture Books to Build Background and Motivation
Wausau West High School
Picture Books for the Read 180 classroom library will build students' background knowledge, improve comprehension and increase confidence as students gradually read more challenging books.  Also, offering books that are of high interest to students will help motivate students to continue reading outside of the classroom.

Enhancing Science With the Use of a SMART Board
Horace Mann Middle School
Advanced technology in the seventh grade science classes to enhance lessons, improve student learning, and increase course participation by all students.   


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