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2003 Working with a Composer

Peer Tutoring Program
Wausau East High School
The tutoring program assisted and supported low achieving students through partnering with other students. Student leaders provided not only valuable academic tutoring but also were positive role models.

Bully Free School
Franklin Elementary School
The main objective of this project was to eliminate verbal and physical harassment such as bullying, fighting, teasing, name-calling and tattling.  Training sessions were held with faculty and students to identify and deal with the behavior of bullies.  As a result, the school environment has become safer for students both physically and psychologically.

The Fine Art of Graphic Design - Production
Grant Elementary School
Students explored a variety of print making techniques, and partnered with NTC graphic students to create real life design, customer interaction and production experience.  Students and parents worked together in designing a logo, and each  received a custom designed t-shirt created in part by them.

Photo Albums as Communication Builders
A.C. Kiefer Educational Center

Students with identified delays in development, including speech and language were targeted to use digital photographs to “tell” about their school days.  The process not only increased communication between students and parents but also allowed them to communicate
in a meaningful way.

Fitness Level Feedback
Horace Mann Middle School
The Horace Mann Physical Education Department purchased pedometers and heart rate monitors as a tool for students to use in measuring their general health and fitness levels.  Students could see their fitness results using these devices on a daily basis, which assisted them in making positive health choices.

Royal Readers and Writers – A Summer Club
John Marshall Elementary School
Targeting 4th or 5th grade in the 2003-2004 school year to participate in summer reading and writing club, students met during the summer to participate in book talks, literature circle activities, book follow-up projects, writing activities, guest readers/speakers and at-home
activities with their families.

John Muir Middle School
A group of middle school students comprised of various learning and developmental levels participated in this project, which taught students valuable life lessons – how to develop strategies in making decisions.  Students practiced problem-solving techniques,
communication skills, and participated in an overnight camping trip to the Eau Claire Dells.  The real lesson - learning occurs everyday, everywhere - not just in school.

Working With a Composer
John Muir Middle School
Wausau School District orchestra string students interacted  with a composer to write music using local authors and the Wausau Historical Society as sources of contact.  An entirely  new piece of music titled, Wausau Pinery Suite, was composed to complete the project.

Yours For a Song
John Muir Middle School
This grant linked the study of poetry and music in 7th grade English classes and choir classes.  During the course of studying poetry, an area composer met with the students twice during the year.  A concert was performed at the end of the school year, "YOURS FOR A SONG"
- A Concert Based On Poetry

G.E.T. R.E.A.L. (Give Each Teen Reading/Reading Educates All for Life)
John Muir Middle School
With a focus on ESL and Special Education, a team  from the Wausau School District and Wausau community (including students’ families) worked to increase reading levels.  Students listened to books read to them, discussed reading material, read to others, and completed a minimum of 25 library books.

The Great Wausau West Transformation –
Movin’ to a Healthier Future
Wausau West High School

This program was designed to get the entire school community more active.  “Movin’ Mile” was the basic unit of measurement used as  students chose a destination and had to accumulate enough miles to reach that goal.  Bonus miles were awarded for including other individuals such as community leaders and family members.  Student kept logs of their progress for 4 weeks and monthly health tips were implemented during the school year.

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