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Pedaling for the Future
Wausau East High School/District-wide 
Pedal Power puts learning into action - literally by pedaling a stationary bicycle.  Students study the energy it takes to power common electrical conveniences we use and how important it is to turn them off when not in use.  The bicycle is portable and can be used throughout the District.

Understanding our Students + Building Relationships with their Families = Enhanced Learning at Home and in the Classroom
Lincoln Elementary School (Kindergarten/First Grade) 
Multiple staff involved to conduct:
Home visits completed before the start of the school year -
Build a Bookshelf Workshops for students and families -
Reading and learning together - bridging home and school  to support parents as the first source of learning.  Outcomes overwhelmingly positive in enhancing student learning.

Sigamos Hablando Espanol (Let’s Continue Speaking Spanish)
Horace Mann Middle School
The third of a 3 year experiment that partnered 8th grade Spanish students with Riverview Elementary students for lessons in the Spanish language and culture.  Elementary students now in 5th grade will explore continued opportunities in 6th grade.  Hundreds of students and family members participated in International Education Week when both school groups traveled to Northcentral Technical College to participate in festivities with international students.

Renewable Energy Project
Horace Mann Middle School
Seventh graders learn about biomass, geothermal and solar heat, and wind energy with a culminating trip to the Mead Wildlife Area to the  Renewable Energy Center. This educational opportunity is critical to understanding, creating and utilizing alternative forms of energy as a top priority for our community, country and world.

Enterprise in Action
Horace Mann Middle School
Students experience capitalism and free enterprise first hand through developing and working their own school stores.  With the use of cash registers, inventory slips, and other business forms to operate a business, students dealt with competitive pricing, profit and loss, product choice and inventory to achieve their goals.  Consecutively, 
3 stores operate to sell products in ten minute increments out of a day - and the atmosphere is bustling.  Students held roles as store manager, accountant, and advertising/marketing specialist, sales clerk and others.  Touring local businesses provided a hands on visiual for successful business tips.  Learning economics - fun and rewarding.

Let’s Talk Internet
Wausau West High School
This project provides students in modern language classes with an Internet-based tool to assess their oral skills.  Available for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students taking German 4 and German 5 the first year, it is hoped that students in other modern language classes will have access to this assessment tool.  Students demonstrate speaking the language and still have interaction and feedback from teachers.

Creating World Music With Instruments
Franklin Elementary School
African drums and timbale bells - students Kindergarten - 5th use new drums in conjunction with smaller, rhythm instruments. This “hands on” learning assists with developing rhythm, note reading, and improvisation skills.  Students can even create their own musical pieces, determining which instruments to use in specific areas of the musical composition.  Music fun while expanding critical thinking skills.

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©2019 Wausau School Foundation | All Rights Reserved
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