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Ways to Give

Invest in the Future

You too can transform the lives of students in the Wausau School District.

  • Set up a specific designated fund - The foundation can help set up specific funds with your wishes to go to a group, school, or cause.
  • The most popular way to donate to non-profits is through a bequest.  Designate the Wausau School Foundation as a beneficiary in your will.   You can select a specific amount or a percentage of your estate. 
  • Gift your retirement assets from you IRA or 401(k), 4-3(b) pension or other tax-deferred plan can be gifted.  
  • Provide gifts of stock and bonds.  Donating appreciated securities is an easy and tax-effective way to you to make a gift
  • Contribute or set up a scholarship fund that others can contribute to for a student to continue their education.  Long lasting Scholarship funds invest the principal, while the interest earns pays out the scholarship.  Minimum Donation for a Scholarship for a long lasting scholarship fund is $15,000.
  • Donate paid up insurance policies,
  • Real estate that has depreciated such as home or property. 

Call us to discuss your vision of what you would like to create for the future.  We can help discuss how to create a fund for you.  






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