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On March 5, 2011, a Wausau East Class of 2001 Alumni, and our good friend Aaron 'Maestro' Frank, passed away. In order to honor him, friends decided to establish a scholarship fund in his honor and for the past 8 years, a scholarship has been awarded to 1 senior at Wausau East High School. 

This scholarship is gifted to a student who intends to study Journalism, Film, or Creative Writing in college, as that was Aaron's area of expertise at UW-Madison. 

If we raise enough we will be able to increase the current scholarship and  have the potential to award more than one student.

We would greatly appreciate your contribution to honor Aaron Frank's memory and help a student pursue their higher education.  donate now  (please add a memo).



WAUSAU EAST CLASS OF 1978 is described as “a class act.”

Since 2009, through the Wausau School Foundation with gifts made by members of the class, a $200 scholarship has been given out to a graduating Wausau East senior. The scholarship has been given each year to a student who is economically disadvantaged but intends to pursue further education. The scholarship has been delivered each year to the recipient, by a classmate, in memory of members of the class that have passed away.

Although the scholarship is endowed, it is not generating enough of a return. Donations to the Class of '78 Memorial Scholarship are tax deductible. Please use this link to donate directly to the scholarship, through the Foundation.  Please add a memo to your donation.


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©2019 Wausau School Foundation | All Rights Reserved
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