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School Tools 4 Kids


In partnership with Longfellow Administration Center (LAC) staff members, SCHOOL TOOLS 4 KIDS was established in 2010.  LAC "Casual for Cause" proceeds are matched the WSF John A. Waldron Student Assistance Fund to put school supplies in the hands of students in need any time during the school year and/or summer school. Initially targeting elementary students, the program expanded during the 2011-2012 school year to provide support for middle and high school students. From crayons to thumb drives, student school supplies can be accessed by District Staff and administrators through the Wausau School Foundation.

Though the LAC staff members continually channel funds into the program, SCHOOL TOOLS 4 KIDS openly accepts contributions from the general public any time as well.  In August 2012, a WSD student asked that gifts for his birthday party be school supplies that he would share with students in need. It was a proud event when he arrived at the School Foundation office with his family to donate a large box of supplies to this program. So many children are grateful to this young boy's valuable lesson in giving.

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©2019 Wausau School Foundation | All Rights Reserved
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