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Invest in Families as First Source of Learning

HEALTHY FAMILIES - Positive Impact as First Source of Learning!
The need for support to families is growing and impacting classrooms across the District.
You can invest in families as first source of learning right now through the:   
     Provides small emergency grants and expands opportunities for Low-Income Students and Families
   John A Waldron Student Assistance Fund  

There are more great programs being developed or currently operating that seek additional support to reach more families and children - if any are of interest to you, we can assist in helping you make a difference.  

  •       Family Math and Science Program Fund – Elementary & Pre-K levels
  •      Strengthening Families Through Early Care and Education Program
    This program is aimed at developing positive family mental health.
  •      Parent Talk Program (6 separate programs) –
             Innovative, proactive approach to parenting program.  Program awarded recognition by the
             United Way’s Champions of Youth.
  •      Literacy Programs – newborns thru school-age
             Family Literacy Fund
             Early Childhood Outreach Project
             Partners in Reading Success DVD - all Kindergarten Students & Families
  •      Families and Schools Together Program (FAST) – 4 sites     
            This is a multifamily, group intervention program designed to build protective factors for children
            and empower parents to be the primary prevention agents for their own children. 
  •      Families & Schools Together Southeast Asian Program (SEA-FAST) –2 Sites
            Sea-Fast is a version of FAST with similar goals, but also includes a strong component for
            acculturation and understanding of the western education system.


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©2019 Wausau School Foundation | All Rights Reserved
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