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The fact that foreign languages are best learned at a young age is no longer surprising to anyone. However, few American school districts include languages other than English in their elementary school curricula. Consequently, many parents and students are searching for after-school language learning opportunities.

Many people may want to consider offering such a class. Certified language teachers, of course, but also native speakers, anyone with study- or travel- abroad experience, college students – anyone with enthusiasm for language and a desire to share it with children!

This website is designed to be used for an extra-curricular foreign language program for elementary school students. Nine lessons are presented; however, they may be divided or repeated in order to work within the time constraints for each group.

Each of the lessons is presented in English. We have not translated all vocabulary as it is assumed that the teacher is familiar with basic words and phrases in the target language. Games and activities are explained in English in the links at the end of each lesson. Songs are presented in the target languages.

When this site was created, in winter of 2006, the examples included were French, Spanish and German. However, as this site is more utilized, we would appreciate users contacting us with activities, games and songs in other languages. Please send your additions to juliebunczak@yahoo.com

Have fun!

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