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2018 Caught in the Act recipients

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left: Kelly Brandt - Maine Elementary 4th grade teacher, volunteered and  supervised a student-based play of Peter Pan.

bottom right: David Farmer, Horace Mann Middle School, Music and Band teacher, created the FIRST EVER Horace Mann marching band.  


bottom left: Christine Maahs, Health Aide at Horace Mann Middle School. Being a Health Aide is one of those thankless jobs; always on call, often overlooked, and rarely thanked, but expected to be the expert on everything for all 850+ students and staff.  
(pictured with Christine: WSF representatives Lisa Maahs, Amy Reif and Denise Snoeyenbos).

bottom right: Cathy Higar, Manager of Nutrition Services at Horace Mann Middle School created a 'grab and go cart', which helped boost the breakfast participation.

(David, Cathy and Christine are pictured with Angela Rodgers & Tami Cummings, Assistant Principals)



right: Logan Davidowski (with co-workers and Principal Dr Brad Peck), Wausau East High School Custodian 1, created a product out of discarded items and resources at hand to help all WSD schools.










left: Robert Hughes creates positive relationships and a positive environment for all students, giving them a game night (on his own time) and is active in giving back to his community. In the past several years Rob has been hosting a turkey/ham drive to help families in need. (Rob is pictured with students and Dr Brad Peck).







right: Elizabeth Kysely, Wausau East High School Tech Education-Graphics teacher resurrected Lumberjack Productions, a news show driven by students to produce a weekly show highlighting school events, announcements, and interest stories.(Liz is pictured with students and Dr Brad Peck).





left: Joseph Staszak,Agriculture teacher at Wausau East & Wausau West High Schools, is a passionate advocate for the diverse fields of agriculture, conservation and natural resources - bringing his experience to the classroom. Joe is involved in academic, community and competitive events.









right: Dr. Jerry Reinardy, foreign language teacher at Wausau West High School, coordinates trips abroad and has a sister school in Germany. He recently held a Bavarian evening of food, dance and conversation. Jerry encourages all his students to experience cultural events outside the classroom. (Jerry is pictured with Jeb Steckbauer, Principal and Kara Torkelson, Global Language Department).









left: Timothy Kostroski, Physical Education teacher at Wausau West High School and coach at John Muir Middle School.  Tim also works with at-risk students, runs weight lifting sessions, is involved in youth and high school wrestling, helps run tournaments and organize fundraisers and helps with local football camps.  (Tim is pictured with Jeb Steckbauer, Principal and WSF representatives Lisa Maahs, Denise Snoeyenbos & Amy Reif).


right: Nancy Peters, Health Aide for EEA (Enrich Excel Achieve Learning Academy), EGL (Wausau Engineering & Global Leadership Academy) & Wausau East High School. Her role is critical to the health needs of all students located at these campuses!
(Nancy is pictured with Michael Krohn, Teacher Leader at EGL and Dr Brad Peck, East Principal).


bottom left: Ryan Priebe, Art Teacher & Coach at John Muir Middle School, has created many unique learning opportunities for students and staff. He has facilitated the initiative to produce 'live' morning announcements. His motivation, drive and persistence have changed how John Muir starts its day!






(Ryan and Heidi are pictured with Larry Mancl, JMMS Principal and WSF representatives Lisa Maahs, Amy Reif & Denise Snoeyenbos).





right: Heidi Schmidt, John Muir Middle School Counselor
spends countless hours advocating, mentoring, coaching, encouraging, challenging, and counseling students and families. She is a support system for parents, staff and students. 




below: Matt Timken, John Muir Middle School 7th grade Geography teacher, strives to spend every minute he has with his students making them feel important, cared about without judgment, and treated with respect.  (Matt is pictured with some of his students).


bottom left:  Erica Taylor, Building Paraprofessional at Thomas Jefferson Elementary worked with students to do the school video announcements, she taught them how to create, record and edit the segments. Jefferson‘s video announcements are now written and produced by the students. 

bottom right: Erin Lauersdorf, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Counselor, routinely works with community social workers, case managers and mental health professionals to make sure everyone is on the same page to provide students with the best support possible.  Erin has also started a food pantry at Thomas Jefferson!

                        (Erica and Erin are both pictured with Cathy Prozanski, Principal at Thomas Jefferson)





right: Sheri Krueger is the Kitchen Manager at Grant Elementary. She is a student advocate who educates students as they come through the serving line. Sheri was instrumental in starting the “No Thank You Cart”.

(Sheri is pictured with Chris Nyman, Principal at Grant Elementary and WSF representatives Lisa Maahs, Denise Snoeyenbos and Amy Reif).





bottom left: Nancy Raguse, Building Paraprofessional at Rib Mountain Elementary helped create a Reading Rainbow Incentive Program. Nancy helps set up lunch tables, organize the bus list, take daily bus attendance, answer phones, supervise the playground and serve as a substitute teacher. (Nancy is pictured with Rib Mt. Principal Tammy Steckbauer).

bottom right: Chastity Matysik, G2M (Growing Greater Minds) Out-of-School Program Instructor at Lincoln Elementary.  Chas is a key team player that helped make the Lincoln G2M program successful!

 (Nancy and Chastity are both pictured with WSF representatives Lisa Maahs, Denise Snoeyenbos and Amy Reif).


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