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COVID - 19  - Wausau School District is closed

We hold health, safety in our district and community as the highest priority.  

As the go-to partner for the Wausau School District, we are positioned to support the Wausau School District in their coordinated effort to support families, staff, and students.

We have committed $5,000 from the John Waldron Fund to be used by the School District team where most needed.  This includes a coordinated effort to help students and their families where needed.  

Click here to donate to the John Waldron Fund - Emergency Funds for the Wausau School District



Programs this School Year 

Environmental Learning Center Campaign for the Wausau School Forest

The John Waldron Fund  Emergency fund for students.

Reach for the Stars Grant Program  Exciting changes to involve all faculty in the district

Caught in the Act and Spark Awards  Each semester WSD employees are recognized for going above and beyond their job duties to make a difference in someone’s life.

A Walk in Their Shoes:  Speakers include: in October “Month of Youth Adolescents – MOYA" with Wendy Boglioli, in November “Veterans Day” with  Gary Wetzel and Kenneth Stumpf, and March Civil Rights with Charles Pearson.

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Paula Webb Clark, Executive Director

Posted 09/23/19
A Walk in Their Shoes presents "The Last Gold" October 8 from 6:30 to 7:30...
Posted 06/28/19
In February 2019 we welcomed Paula Webb Clark to the Foundation as our new Executive...
Posted 03/05/19
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©2020 Wausau School Foundation | All Rights Reserved
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